[FFmpeg-devel] DVD subtitles

Erik Slagter erik
Wed Feb 27 18:41:30 CET 2008

Vitor Sessak wrote:

>> As the AVFilter framework got merged recently, 

> Well, not yet completely. There is still graph parsing and ffmpeg.c 
> integration missing...

Hmmm, hurry up then ;-)

>> it looks to me a perfect 
>> basis for a hardsub filter, it looks like there doesn't exist something 
>> like that yet(?). 

> Actually, it shouldn't be too hard to add subtitles filtering support 
> to avfilter. For the hardsub filter implementation, there is quite a bit 
> of code that can be copied from ffplay.c.

 > I'm wondering if this would be a nice qualification task for 2008 SoC
 > (unless, of course, if you want to give it a try before).

IMHO it's very easy to make such a filter with the filter example 
("negate") as a basis, although at the moment actually I don't have a 
clue how the decoded pixel data from the av subtitle struct(s) should 
end up in the filter. I am very much hoping for an all-encapsulating 
struct, which the filter has access to (AVContext? I did not check yet), 
that has pointers that point the subtitle data. Otherwise it might get 

Also, like M?ns mentioned, the colours might be wrong without IFO 
information, but that's fine for me.

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