[FFmpeg-devel] Google Summer of Code 2008

Andreas Setterlind gamester17
Mon Feb 25 17:40:00 CET 2008

I like to propose VA API (Video Acceleration API) implementation into FFmpeg
Maybe you could even ask the author, Jonathan Bian (from Intel) to mentor it?

On 2/25/08, Benjamin Larsson <banan at ludd.ltu.se> wrote:
> What we need now is a list of good projects and qualification tasks

I would also like to suggest SSE4 SIMD optimizations as a valid
qualification task:

On 2/25/08, Benjamin Larsson <banan at ludd.ltu.se> wrote:
> Head over to
> http://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php?title=FFmpeg_Summer_Of_Code_2008 add
> submit your proposal.

If I may, I would in addition like to propose that all of the so
called "Legacy Tasks" from the SoC 2006 and 2007 proposals that did
not find a developer those years get reviewed individually again this
year for possible proposal again. My thinking is that the more
proposals you have the more likely you are to find an interested

Then there is also the old FFmpeg wishlist
and a few unassigned TODOs from the TODO file in the SVN tree:
and finally the open feature requests in the issue tracker:

This might be as good of a time as any to do a yearly review of them
all individually, some might be good as qualification tasks and others
as full summer proposals. You could maybe make it a yearly tradition
to review all of those for SoC.

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