[FFmpeg-devel] Use thread_count with libxvid-wrapper

Thorsten Jordan tjordan
Mon Feb 25 14:26:07 CET 2008

M?ns Rullg?rd schrieb:
> Thorsten Jordan wrote:
>> Hello,
>> is there any reason why libxvidff.c doesn't set up threads of the xvid
>> context like mplayer does or like the libx264 wrapper does?
> Possibly the wrapper was added before lavc had thread support.  The real
> question, however, is why that wrapper exists in the first place.  Those
> who want to use xvid can do so directly, or use another application like
> mencoder.
we already had that discussion last time i asked about xvid wrapper :-/
It is easier for application developers to use one interface and not
many, if the many (xvid, liba52, x264, vorbis, faad...) can be wrapped.
Since the interface is there, works, and doesn't do any harm, why remove it?

Regards, Thorsten

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