[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Clarify the documentation for -v

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala
Mon Feb 25 11:04:57 CET 2008

On date Sunday 2008-02-24 20:30:42 -0500, D. Hugh Redelmeier encoded:
> | From: Stefano Sabatini <stefano.sabatini-lala at poste.it>
> Thanks for doing this.
> "verboseness" is a fine word but "verbosity" is a little better.  Just
> for fun, I googled for each.  Verboseness had 29,100 hits and
> verbosity had 1,750,000.

OK, I'm doing s/verboseness/verbosity/.

> | - at item -v verbose
> | -Control amount of logging.
> | + at item -v number
> | +Set the logging verboseness level.
> In a man page, the word "number" should be in italics here.
> So too in a texinfo page.
> And also in POD.
> I've had as little to do with texinfo as possible.  So the following
> difficulties probably reflect my inexperience.
> In texinfo, you should be able to write:
> 	@item -v @var{number}
> I haven't been able to test this.
> Unfortunately, the ffmpeg-doc.texi file I got didn't work when put
> though makeinfo.  It reports:
>   doc/ffmpeg-doc.texi:801: Unmatched `@end'.
> It appears as if makeinfo ignores input until it sees a @setfilename
> directive.  The first appears within an @ignore / @end ignore pair.
> Once it sees that, it is startled to see the @end ignore because it
> didn't notice the earlier @ignore.  This seems pretty bone-headed,
> confirming my prejudices.
> When I put a @setfilename command in earlier, I get a long sequence of
> error messages, all roughly the same:
>   doc/ffmpeg-docy.texi:743: warning: unlikely character ( in @var.
> At this point, I'm happy to hand this over to Stefano :-)

I'm not sure if it is even possible to mark some text as italic in an
@item context.

I suggest to apply this (consistent with the rest of the texinfo
file), then if we find out a method to do that, to apply it globally
with a further patch.

Stefano Sabatini
Linux user number 337176 (see http://counter.li.org)
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