[FFmpeg-devel] Unsupported Audio Codec 0x000a - please help?

Abhi Goel agoel
Sat Feb 23 16:15:11 CET 2008

Reimar, are you saying that this codec doesn?t exist for FFMPEG?

Do you know of other options available to encode such a file server side?


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On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 09:58:01AM -0500, Abhi Goel wrote:
> We are receiving an unsupported codec error when trying to convert the
> below.  Can someone please advise on how we can add support for this

>     Stream #0.0: Audio: 0x000a, 16000 Hz, mono, 16 kb/s

Sure, just implement the "Windows Media Audio 9 Speech" codec. We'd
happily accept such a patch for it.
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