[FFmpeg-devel] XBMC - another project using FFmpeg

Andreas Setterlind gamester17
Fri Feb 22 13:01:33 CET 2008

XBMC (formerly named "XBox Media Center", but not not anymore, now it
is simply named "XBMC"), a free and open source software
cross-platform media player and media center entertainment hub.
Originally developed by the same team of programmers as XBox Media
Player (XBMP) for the first-generation Xbox game console, founded in
2002, XBMC has since been ported (using SDL and OpenGL) to also run
naively under Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating-system.

Official XBMC software application names of the ports:
XBMC for Linux
XBMC for Mac OS X
XBMC for Windows
XBMC for Xbox

XBMC for Xbox uses FFmpeg in three ways; first in a old ported version
of MPlayer (MPlayer 1.0pre6 to be specific), secondly in it's own
in-house video player ("XBMC DVDPlayer", named so as it features
libdvdnav for DVD-Video menu support), and thirdly as extracted
separate audio decoder codecs for XBMC in-house audio player
("Psycho-acoustic Audio Player", or "PAPlayer" as the short-name).
Only the Xbox version of XBMC uses MPlayer. The Linux, Mac OS X, and
Microsoft Windows version of XBMC only feature XBMC's own in-source
video and audio players (DVDPlayer and PAPlayer). For more infomation
see these links or better yet the source code in the SVN on

Official website and project site on SourceForge:

Best regards / Andreas Setterlind (a.k.a. Gamester17)
XBMC Project Manager

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