[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Microsoft Interix support

Rich Felker dalias
Thu Feb 21 22:11:10 CET 2008

On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 12:54:41AM +1100, pross at xvid.org wrote:
> gday,
> interix is microsoft's free posix migration environment for
> windows, and is better known as services-for-unix (sfu)
> or "subsystem-for-unix-applications (sua)". the latest release
> for includes gcc-3.3 and binutils-2.13, with a microsoft
> derived c99 stdlib. the enclosed patch corrects some minor
> annoyances when building ffmpeg.
> summary of changes:
> - configure: vhooks requires -export-dynamic and this causes
>   a false-positive when configure tests for closesocket().

I'm unsure about this nastiness. You may be right.

> - des.h uses uint64_t, but only includes inttypes.h.
>   according to the iso, only stdint.h has to define uint64_t

This is incorrect. inttypes.h is a strict superset of stdint.h.

  The <inttypes.h> header shall include the <stdint.h> header.

Please report the bug to Microsoft. :)

> - rtpproto.c uses select() but does not include sys/select.h

This is a genuine bug.

> the microsoft stdlib is almost c99, but the following features are
> missing. i'll submit a seperate bug dump to the sfu/sua team:
> -Dstrtoll=strtol
> -Datoll=atol
> -DPRIx64=\"%llx\" -DPRId64=\"%lld\" -DPRIu64=\"%llu\" -DPRIdFAST16=\"%hd\" -DPRIdFAST32=\"%ld\"

These workarounds are possibly buggy. It would be better to implement
the missing functions..


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