[FFmpeg-devel] FFmpeg with uClibc - relocation problem

Tamas Selmeci tselmeci
Thu Feb 21 17:03:16 CET 2008

Hello all!

(Yes, I know, this should be rather sent to libav-user, it was sent but 
that list seems to have a bit low traffic)

I've been developing a multimedia application for SH4 (ST7109) 
processor. Only the libavformat library is being used, all the decodings 
are done with target processors - it's not my problem.

The program is being compiled with an SH4-uClibc toolchain generated by 
Buildroot. There are no compile-time problems.

When trying to execute the program on the target which should use 
libavformat, the following error message appears:

/mnt/p08/av_streamer: can't handle reloc type 0x97

FFmpeg is configured with:
CFLAGS="-Os -fPIC" \
     ./configure --cross-compile --cross-prefix=$(CROSS_COMPILE) 
   --arch=generic --cpu=generic \
     --prefix=$(shell pwd)/$(FFMPEG_VER)/_install \
     --disable-ipv6 --disable-ffserver --disable-ffmpeg \ 
  --disable-ffplay \
     --disable-encoders --disable-decoders --disable-muxers \
     --disable-demuxers --enable-demuxer=aac --enable-demuxer=ac3 \
     --enable-demuxer=avi --enable-demuxer=mp3 \
     --disable-parsers --enable-parser=aac --enable-parser=ac3 \ 
  --enable-parser=mpegaudio \
     --disable-protocols --enable-protocol=file \
     --enable-small --disable-zlib --disable-vhook --disable-bsfs \
     --enable-shared --disable-static --disable-debug; \

Tested with gcc-4.2.1, gcc-4.2.0.
gcc-3.x is about to be tested.

The followings were also tried:
2) -fpic/-fPIC;
3) with static ffmpeg libraries;

And neither of them solved the issue. I couldn't even find any usable 
info with Google or Yahoo for this error message.

Of course, when FFmpeg and the application are compiled against libc 
everything is OK.

Did you ever face this or similar problem? What shall I do?

Thanks in advance,
Tamas Selmeci
R&D Engineer

DENSION Audio Systems Ltd.
H-1116 Budapest, Sztregova u. 1.
Tel: +36-1-463-0470
Fax: +36-1-463-0479

mailto: tselmeci at dension.com

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