[FFmpeg-devel] [Hardware Accelerator for Video and Audio]

Balatoni Denes dbalatoni
Thu Feb 21 08:21:28 CET 2008


Thursday 21 February 2008 04:00-kor kenye ye ezt ?rta:
>   It will handle video display in first stage. we try to accelerate more
> actions.
>   Do you need to handle the output ?

Btw, what is the big deal in this hardware accelerator? Every newer cheap 
entry-level video card can do this - well not under Linux, but that's not the 
point. It has to be very very cheap (free? :), and perhaps support Linux) to 
at least serve a niche market or something IMHO.

> > I'd personnally be much more interested in the first approach.
> > That's also the approach taken by VaAPI IIRC.
>    What is  VaAPI IIRC ?

VaAPI has been mentioned before, IIRC = "if I remember correctly".


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