[FFmpeg-devel] new open source h.264 source

Mike Melanson mike
Wed Feb 20 23:38:37 CET 2008

M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
> Ugh.  I guess the first task would be to de-C++ that code.  Or perhaps
> it's a not-so-subtle clue that this package is a waste of time.  After
> all, any sane person would have made this a C library, not C++.

I've peered into it. It's not too heavily objectified, but it does have
some annoying templates (Dispatch::Type<DT_SSE2>()). I tend to think we
would only be interested in their SIMD stuff, which does not use direct
AT&T syntax (which I think Michael requires). Their build instructions
claim that the code compiles under gcc.

> Has anyone seen any benchmarks of this code.  The sourceforge server
> is down as usual... BTW, what reputable company chooses to host
> something on sourceforge?

Ahem... http://sourceforge.net/projects/flashsupport  ... :)

	-Mike Melanson

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