[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] activate ac3 decoder

Benjamin Larsson banan
Wed Feb 20 09:59:41 CET 2008

Siarhei Siamashka wrote:
> [...]
> I also wonder how would split-radix perform with SIMD optimizations in order
> to directly compare it with the current ffmpeg FFT. Looks like liba52 from
> mplayer should have some 3DNOW optimizations for split-radix though it 
> is a huge mess. I'll try to extract something from it to do benchmarks
> (fortunately I have AMD processor :)).

I'll do some benchmarks on a Geode processor.

> What other FFT implementations can be also considered, before making a
> decision what FFT implementation to use in ffmpeg?

Kiss FFT should be tested also.

> If DJBFFT would be the final choice, it still needs SIMD optimizations.
> But somebody needs to confirm its current legal status to be completely sure.
> And if DJBFFT is really public domain now, can it be relicensed to LGPL

Benjamin Larsson

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