[FFmpeg-devel] Stream h264 with FEC

Fce.Valeins fce.valeins
Tue Feb 19 11:46:07 CET 2008


Thanks for you work on h264 with PAFF and Spatial Direct Mode, now work
better with the last svn.
I have upload a sample file h264_rtp_stream_with_fec.raw in the ftp
server upload.mplayerhq.hu.
This sample it's a dump stream of the iptv of Livebox in France with
this command line :

mplayer rtp://@ -dumpstream -dumpfile

When I read (ffplay or mplayer svn) this file I have some artifacts
especially when there are movements.

The stream of the Livebox is now broadcast in rtp h264 with a correction

Thanks for your help



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