[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] a couple of updates for MPEGTS

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi
Tue Feb 19 00:08:50 CET 2008

> M?ns Rullg?rd ha scritto:

>> @@ -505,7 +507,28 @@
>>      program_info_length = get16(&p, p_end) & 0xfff;
>>      if (program_info_length < 0)
>>> -    p += program_info_length;
>> +    while(program_info_length > 0) {
>> +        uint8_t tag, len;
>> +        tag = get8(&p, p_end);
>> +        len = get8(&p, p_end);

>This breaks if program_info_length == 1.  Yes, that is invalid, but we
>must assume that it might happen.


>> Index: libavformat/mpegts.h
>> ===================================================================
>> --- libavformat/mpegts.h      (revisione 12129)
>> +++ libavformat/mpegts.h      (copia locale)
>> @@ -55,6 +55,7 @@
>>  #define STREAM_TYPE_AUDIO_AC3       0x81
>>  #define STREAM_TYPE_AUDIO_DTS       0x8a
>> +#define STREAM_TYPE_AUDIO_DTS2      0x82

>I'd prefer a name such as STREAM_TYPE_AUDIO_HDMV_DTS, so it is clear
>where this comes from.  The values from the private range already
>there should also be renamed in a similar fashion.

>Apart from the points above, I am OK with this patch, but do keep on
>I don't like the way the mpegts demuxer is written.  It is difficult
>to support various format extensions in a tidy manner, as we have
>experienced on repeated occasions.  Because of this, I've been working
>on improving the tcvp mpegts demuxer in areas it has been lacking,
>with the intent of eventually having it replace the current lavf
>demuxer.  It's been rather slow going, mostly because I have no direct
>interest in the mpegts format as I used in my previous job.
>Until I have a good replacement ready, I am willing to accept
>reasonable patches to lavf, in the interest of supporting as many
>files as possible.  I will not, however, accept anything that adds
>significantly to the messy nature of the present lavf ts demuxer.

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