[FFmpeg-devel] transcoding on nvidia tesla

christophelorenz christophelorenz
Sun Feb 10 23:24:03 CET 2008

Reimar D?ffinger wrote:

> FLOPS are a useless measure. I can easily achieve TFLOPS if I allow
> ...
>Sure, GPUs are extremely powerful. For some things. But there are also
>algorithms that will not even achieve the speed of a Pentium (non-MMX)
>on a GPU. If just 1% of your code is of such a kind, that definitely
>limits your speedup to 100x, even if you have the perfect
I guess you would be much more interrested in the aspex accelera product ;-)
65536x 2 bit processors in a board. (yes you can add more ;-))

They can now do Mpeg2, h264 and VC1 encoding in realtime HD.

They have a sdk, but you require a training ($$$) to use it.


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