[FFmpeg-devel] Update on lbos

Dave Yeo daveryeo
Thu Feb 7 22:08:40 CET 2008

On 02/07/08 12:34 am, Lucabe72 wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> [...]
>> gcc -Ii:/usr/src/libbrokenos/include -Zomf -fomit-frame-pointer -g -Wall 
>> -Wno-switch -Wdisabled-optimization -Wpointer-arith -Wredundant-decls 
>> -Wcast-qual -Wwrite-strings -O3 -I"/usr/src/ffmpeg" -I"/usr/src/ffmpeg" 
>> -I"/usr/src/ffmpeg"/libavutil -I"/usr/src/ffmpeg"/libavcodec 
>> -I"/usr/src/ffmpeg"/libavformat -I"/usr/src/ffmpeg"/libswscale 
>> -I"/usr/src/ffmpeg"/libavdevice -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 
>> ffserver.c
>> In file included from i:/usr/src/libbrokenos/include/unistd.h:1,
>>                   from ffserver.c:31:
>> i:/usr/src/libbrokenos/include/unistd_orig.h:338: warning: redundant 
>> redeclaration of `_exit' in same scope
>> i:/usr/include/stdlib.h:431: warning: previous declaration of `_exit'
> Ok, thanks; these are the information I needed.
> It looks like _exit() is defined both in unistd.h and
> stdlib.h?

There are maybe 20 functions defined in unistd.h and other headers. I 
take it this is for backward compatibility (toolkit headers and the old 
EMX libc) and hasn't hurt until now. At that not to long ago I 
recompiled some source from 1992 without any problems besides warnings 
about discontinued CFLAGS.

> I am wondering why you do not see this kind of warnings
> when compiling programs that include both stdlib.h and
> unistd.h...

Well thanks to the comments from Rich, the problem is narrowed down to 
-Wredundant-decls. Removing the CFLAG is one solution though as Michael 
points out it is not the best solution as it is nice to catch redundant 
declarations in FFmpeg.
So reading the documentation, it seems that -Wredundant-decls represses 
warnings from system headers. -Wsystem-headers will override this 
according to the documentation.
Anyways the simplest fix is make the headers from libbrokenos into 
system headers by using the -Bprefix cflag and sure enough changing 
--extra-cflags=-Bi:/usr/src/libbrokenos in configures options gets rid 
of warnings about redundant declarations. FFmpeg now compiles fine with 
libbrokenos including a working ffserver.

> I'll have a better look this night, when I'll have a better connection.
>                     Thanks,
>                         Luca

I'd consider the problem solved with a documentation update
ps the documentation I was reading was for GCC 2.95 so the above should 
work with all supported versions of GCC though I've only tested with 3.3.5

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