[FFmpeg-devel] GOM Media Player

Diego Biurrun diego
Wed Feb 6 12:36:32 CET 2008

I've been contacted by Ethan Park, the GOM Media Player product manager
from Gretech Corporation, see http://gomplayer.com.  GOM Media Player is
part of the blacklisted projects on the MPlayer projects page and we
have issue112 about their LGPL violations in our tracker.

Ethan Park tells me that they fixed all issues.  Indeed their program
now has the following text in the about box:

  Video encoder included in this program is based on
  FFmpeg(http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net), and FFmpeg is licensed
  under LGPL. For LGPL license, please refer to LGPL.TXT in the program
  directory. Modified FFmpeg source can be obtained from

Indeed LGPL.TXT contains the LGPL 2.1 and at the URL you can download a
zip file with sources which among other things seems to contain a
cut-down version of libavcodec and libavutil before r6576 (somebody
should investigate this further, maybe there are interesting changes).

That URL is outdated of course, but overall they seem to be in
compliance now, so I'm going to close the issue.  Let me know if I am
overlooking something.


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