[FFmpeg-devel] Update on lbos

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Wed Feb 6 08:45:16 CET 2008

Hi Dave,

Dave Yeo wrote:
> Moving network.h results in build failure due to poll.h not being included.
> Btw, should it not be sys/poll.h? Actually copying poll.h to sys/poll.h 
> and moving network.h does allow the build to finish.

I think the real problem is that ffserver.c should include poll.h instead
of sys/poll.h. I'll post a patch later.

>>> There is also a lot of redundant declarations currently
>> I suspect the configure script is missing some checks... Can you try
>> using the attached configure and common.cfg? (also, remove the checks
>> for socklen_t from ffmpeg's configure).
> The attached configure and common.cfg didn't make any difference as far 
> as I can tell.
Uhmm... I must have forgot something else. Can you send a build log?

> The redundant declarations come from there being lots of things declared 
> in unistd.h and various other headers. Removing 
> libbrokenos/include/unistd.h got rid of most of them
This is strange... libbrokenos/include/unistd.h should only define usleep()
and lseek() (if they are not defined already), and then include the original
unistd.h... I only see two possible reasons for the warning you are seeing:
- for some reason, configure wrongly defined LBOS_HAVE_USLEEP and / or LBOS_HAVE_LSEEK
- configure copied the wrong file in libbrokenos/include/unistd_orig.h

Can you check if libbrokenos/include/unistd_orig.h is identical to the
include/unistd.h file provided by your compiler?

> though there is 
> still gethostid, soclose and gethostname getting picked up from both 
> unistd.h and libbrokenos/include/netdb(_orig).h.
Uhmm... So they are defined in both the netdb.h and unistd.h files
provided by your compiler? Or did configure copy the wrong files in

I have no time now, but as soon as I have time I'll download the
headers of klibc (this is the C library you are using, right?) and
I'll have a better look.


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