[FFmpeg-devel] Update on lbos

Dave Yeo daveryeo
Wed Feb 6 08:15:00 CET 2008

On 02/05/08 03:12 am, Luca Abeni wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Dave Yeo wrote:
> [...]
>> Here the build dies in ffserver with lots of undefined this and that 
>> (mostly network related) if network.h is removed from ffserver.c.
>> With network.h included it dies with
>> I:\usr\src\ffmpeg\ffserver.o(ffserver.c) : error LNK2029: 
>> "_ff_neterrno" : unresolved external
>> I:\usr\src\ffmpeg\ffserver.o(ffserver.c) : error LNK2029: 
>> "_FF_NETERROR" : unresolved external
> I suspect this happens because ffserver ends up by including
> libbrokenos/include/network.h instead of libavformat/network.h
> Try moving the network.h file from libbrokenos/include to libbrokenos:
> I think this should fix the problem (the presence of network.h
> in libbrokenos/include is a bug).

Moving network.h results in build failure due to poll.h not being included.
Btw, should it not be sys/poll.h? Actually copying poll.h to sys/poll.h 
and moving network.h does allow the build to finish.

>> There is also a lot of redundant declarations currently
> I suspect the configure script is missing some checks... Can you try
> using the attached configure and common.cfg? (also, remove the checks
> for socklen_t from ffmpeg's configure).

The attached configure and common.cfg didn't make any difference as far 
as I can tell.
The redundant declarations come from there being lots of things declared 
in unistd.h and various other headers. Removing 
libbrokenos/include/unistd.h got rid of most of them though there is 
still gethostid, soclose and gethostname getting picked up from both 
unistd.h and libbrokenos/include/netdb(_orig).h. Since addrinfo() is 
declared here I didn't want to remove it.
Why we get the redundant declarations here but not in the normal build I 
can't see as the includes seem to be the same and there is no obvious 
magic to avoid it.

>> but the build does work
> Did you also try running the resulting ffserver binary? If it works,
> then this is a good improvement for lbos (now, both mingw32 and OS/2
> are supported ;-).

Yes I ran make test-server which ran as well as ever.

>             Thanks,
>                 Luca

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