[FFmpeg-devel] Lib lame mp3 and quality setting

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Tue Feb 5 17:28:52 CET 2008

On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 05:11:54PM +0100, christophelorenz wrote:
> While there's some discussions about mp3 ;-)
> Looking at lame mp3 code, I found this
>     /* lame 3.91 dies on quality != 5 */
>     lame_set_quality(s->gfp, 5);
>     /* lame 3.91 doesn't work in mono */
>     lame_set_mode(s->gfp, JOINT_STEREO);
> It is present since the first appearance of the source file on svn...
> Lame mp3 is now at 3.97 and I haven't noticed any problem with quality 
> != 5. (not yet tried mono mode)
> Wouldn't it be interresting to enhance quality of the encoding following 
> the -aq value ?
> The the audio quality value is already used in the codec to switch on 
> VBR encoding (and VBR quality)
> I see three possible ways of having control over this :
> -Use negative values for VBR encoding, and positive for CBR. (But that 
> differs from the 0-1 range the doc defines.)
> -Add a flag to enable VBR audio and control quality with -aq.
> -Change the range of -aq so that :
>    0->0.4999 is VBR quality 0->5
>    5->1 is CBR quality 5->lowest quality.

We have parameters in the context for min, max, and average bitrate as well
as quality.
A patch which uses them is welcome. Hacks misusing existing fields in a way
violating the API will be rejected with no further comments.
The -aq setting must mean the same no matter if the codec implementation is
lame, a native adpcm encoder or faac.

If the existing fields are insufficent they can be extended but their meaning
must always be codec implementation independant.


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