[FFmpeg-devel] Alembik: video and audio transcoding with FFMpeg

Diego Biurrun diego
Mon Feb 4 17:38:01 CET 2008

On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 03:41:03PM +0100, Jakub Danilewicz wrote:
> The reason why I am posting this information here is that one of the 
> most important software dependencies of Alembik is... FFMpeg itself. 
> Actually whenever the server receives a request for video or audio 
> transcoding, it delegates work to FFMpegMediaProcessor, which constructs 
> an appropriate command for executing your application.
> http://alembik.sourceforge.net/alembikFFMpegMediaProcessor.html

It is called FFmpeg, not FFMpeg.


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