[FFmpeg-devel] Alembik: video and audio transcoding with FFMpeg

Jakub Danilewicz jdanilewicz
Mon Feb 4 15:41:03 CET 2008


I have just subscribed to your mailing group, so first hello to everyone. :)

I would like to introduce to you a new open-source initiative called 
Alembik, which in brief is an OMA STI-compliant media transcoding server 
based on Java (J2EE) technology. OMA STI stands for Open Mobile 
Alliance's Standard Transcoding Interface, which precisely defines a 
contract between a client (needing some media file(s) to be transcoded) 
and a server (which carries out the transformation process according to 
the passed parameters set).

To my best knowledge Alembik (a word derived from the name of a device 
for alchemical transmutations) is a first open-source attempt to meet 
that standard.


The reason why I am posting this information here is that one of the 
most important software dependencies of Alembik is... FFMpeg itself. 
Actually whenever the server receives a request for video or audio 
transcoding, it delegates work to FFMpegMediaProcessor, which constructs 
an appropriate command for executing your application.


Although the server already runs in several production environments, 
only a fraction of possible audio and video transformations is currently 
supported. Moreover, the cooperation between the server and FFMpeg is 
based on shell command execution, which imposes substantial limitations 
on the process. We have been deliberating on introducing any Java-based 
communication (there is a quite vast array of solutions: JFFMpeg, 
Fobs4JMF and FMJ), but so far we have not made any decision yet.

As you can see there are still lots of things to be done and plenty of 
paths to be pursued. :)

Although Alembik is now a open-joint-venture of two companies: Kimia 
from Spain and (Open) Reply from Italy, we warmly welcome all developers 
(or companies), which are willing to lend a hand in its construction. 
Given the scope of this mailing list we would like to invite 
particularly those, who are interested in developing a bridge between 
OMA-STI and FFMpeg worlds.

And most of all we encourage everyone interested in media transcoding to 
download, install, try and use our software.

We hope you will find Alembik useful and we cannot wait to read your 

Best wishes for FFMpeg community from Alembik team,

Jakub Danilewicz

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