[FFmpeg-devel] commerce product using ffmpeg

Phan Thanh =?UTF-8?Q?H=E0?= hapt
Mon Aug 11 10:45:02 CEST 2008

To all ffmpeg developers,

I am developing a commerce product that uses ffmpeg (binary build for
windows) as a component. The roles of ffmpeg in my product are listed below:

1. capture mjpeg stream from IP cameras
2. encode stream to avi file in FMP4 codec

Under the terms in LGPL license, I will give credit to ffmpeg developers
in my product and include LGPL copy  distribution. However, to be sure
that I not going to break LGPL license, I want to get a respond from
ffmpeg team to allow me in use ffmpeg in my system.Furthermore, I wish
ffmpeg team could add my product to "Projects using FFmpeg" list once I
complete the product.

Phan Thanh Ha

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