[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Channel layouts

Benjamin Larsson banan
Fri Aug 29 16:28:20 CEST 2008

madshi wrote:
> Benjamin Larsson schrieb:
>> We also need to add a parameter to request the decoded channelmask. For 
>> example dca have 2 4 channel layouts. Without a requested channelmask it 
>> would only be possible to get 1 layout.
> The DTS header specifies which layout the DTS was encoded with.
> See bitstream field "Audio Channel Arrangement". E.g. value 7
> means "C + L + R+ S" while value 8 means "L + R+ SL+SR".
> What sense does it make to request a different decoded channel
> mask then is stored in the DTS track?
> Regards, madshi.

Sorry I was abit unclear. DTS defines alot of mixing configurations. If 
you have a strange channel layout you should still be able to mix into 
that configuration and that needs the possibility to request that 
specific layout instead of just one. But this might belong to the mixing 
support. I guess it can be omitted for now.

Benjamin Larsson

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