[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Channel layouts

Andreas Öman andreas
Fri Aug 29 16:27:14 CEST 2008

Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 2:28 AM, Peter Ross <pross at xvid.org> wrote:
>> * Encoders will indicate their supported channel layouts in AVCodec, in the
>>  same way we do for pixel and sample formats.
> If you look at liba52 vs. faad API, it seems like certain codecs
> aren't limited to fixed-layout styles. How will you support that in
> the layout API, and how will encoders present that in their AVCodec?
> E.g. how to distinguish left-right-lfe-back from left-right-back-lfe?

The codecs will have to fix the channel order themselfs.
This is no more strange than saying that PIX_FMT_YUV expects
the output to be in Y U V order. Forcing applications to
support other order of YUV just because it's more convenient
for the codecs does not make much sense IMHO.

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