[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] make distclean doesn't remove the libswscale pc files

Stefano Sabatini stefano.sabatini-lala
Tue Aug 26 20:35:27 CEST 2008

Hi all,

as discussed in this thread:

make distclean doesn't remove the libswscale pc files.

In order to fix the glitch I have three proposals, in order of

1) to force the Makefile to always remove those files, even when the
libswscale Makefile isn't included

2) to remove from configure the part which generates unconditionally
the libswscale pc files

3) to implement in the Makefile the creation of the pc files, in this
way the Makefile would be aware of the created pc files and would
delete it in the distclean rule. This has been suggested some time ago
by M?ns.

I prefer solutions 2 or 3 in that order, but I'm not sure about the
correctness of 2, I indeed wonder about why is necessary to have those
files if libswscale isn't neither installed neither compiled.

If we agree on the preferred method I'll provide the corresponding
implementation to fix the issue.

BTW I also noticed that when after I do make distclean, if I then do:

stefano at geppetto ~/s/ffmpeg> make -n
Makefile:1: config.mak: No such file or directory
libavdevice/Makefile:1: libavdevice/../config.mak: No such file or directory
libavformat/Makefile:1: libavformat/../config.mak: No such file or directory
libavcodec/Makefile:1: libavcodec/../config.mak: No such file or directory
libavutil/Makefile:1: libavutil/../config.mak: No such file or directory
> vhook/watermark.d
> vhook/null.d
> vhook/fish.d
> libavutil/utils.d
> libavutil/tree.d
> libavutil/string.d
> libavutil/sha1.d
> libavutil/rc4.d
> libavutil/rational.d
> libavutil/random.d
> libavutil/mem.d
> libavutil/md5.d
> libavutil/mathematics.d
> libavutil/lzo.d
> libavutil/log.d
> libavutil/lls.d
> libavutil/lfg.d
> libavutil/intfloat_readwrite.d
> libavutil/fifo.d
> libavutil/des.d
> libavutil/crc.d
> libavutil/base64.d
> libavutil/aes.d
> libavutil/adler32.d
make: *** No rule to make target `libavutil/../config.mak'.  Stop.

make creates all those freaky .d empty files, is this a make bug?

FFmpeg = Freak and Fantastic Merciful Portentous Eager Guru

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