[FFmpeg-devel] m2ts blueray demux issues

Jesse Rosenzweig jesse
Tue Aug 26 06:04:46 CEST 2008

>> look:
>> #define TS_FEC_PACKET_SIZE 204
>> #define TS_DVHS_PACKET_SIZE 192
>> #define TS_PACKET_SIZE 188
>> seems to me as if there is code for dealing with various packet sizes
>Yes, there is.  There's something else that's strange about that

Thanks for the help guys, yes it does handle the 192 packet size correctly -
thanks for the pointer there.  

The problem is due to a PID 0x1100 containing a stream_id of
extended_stream_id.  It doesn't appear that mpegts is 
handling those streams properly (and I'm not sure what it is supposed to be
doing with these stream_id's since the spec doesn't 
have much about the extended_stream_id).  In any case, this particular
stream is using the extended_stream_id for a seemingly 
unidentified stream (actually quite a lot of data in it though) that is
throwing off the av_find_stream_info algorithm since it can't find
enough codec data regarding that stream and ends up walking through the file

A simple solution is to skip this stream in the mpeg2ts_push_data function,
but I'm sure it was specifically put in the !skip case for a reason (0x1fd).
Anyone know the origins, or is this just unfinished business?  

There also is a stream_id of 0x1bd that, according to the spec, is a private
stream that seems like we should be skipping since its not audio or video.

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