[FFmpeg-devel] m2ts blueray demux issues

Jesse Rosenzweig jesse
Mon Aug 25 20:52:46 CEST 2008

Some blueray m2ts (mpeg2 transport stream) files are causing libavformat to
not find any stream info (hangs in av_find_stream_info).  

I thought this may be due to the very large file size of 31 G, so I chopped
it down to the first 10Meg.  In this case the stream info api now returns,
but with the message "Could not find codec parameters" from mpegts.

M2ts files from blueray have an extra 4 bytes for every TS packet described
in section 3.1 here 
And I don't see any adjustments in the code for this "feature" of blueray
transport streams.

I have posted the stream in the incoming area as described and text file
under the hangs_at_av_find_stream directory.

Any help is appreciated!  Thanks

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