[FFmpeg-devel] [forget that] Re: dca.c: are 16384-byte frames valid?

madshi dear
Sat Aug 23 11:39:09 CEST 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov schrieb:
> I wrote:
>> consider a 48 kHz DTS stream encoded at 6144000 bps (the highest
>> officially-allowed bitrate in the spec).
> Scratch that. The spec only mentions 3840 kbps, and I copied the number from 
> my buggy encoder instead of the spec. Probably, I have written it there so 
> that it encodes too-high bitrates as "open bitrate" DTS streams and rejects 
> anything higher than that.

Actually I think your original post is correct. The DTS
specification clearly sais:

"(FSIZE+1) is the total byte size of the current frame including
primary audio data as well as any extension audio data.
Valid range for FSIZE: 95 to 16 383. Invalid range for
FSIZE: 0 to 94."

So the frame size can be anything between (and including)
96..16384 bytes.

Regards, madshi.

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