[FFmpeg-devel] MinGW compilation with --enable-libfaac / --enable-libfaad broken, adding #define WIN32 fixes it

Alexander Almaleh sashoalm
Fri Aug 22 09:10:58 CEST 2008


I don't know if this is of interest for you, but someone in the user mailing
list said I should post here the problem and what solution worked for me.

When ffmpeg was compiled with these options on Windows with MinGW

./configure --enable-memalign-hack --enable-shared --disable-static
--enable-libmp3lame --enable-libfaac --enable-libfaad
--extra-cflags=-I/local/include --extra-ldflags=-L/local/lib

the compiler gave these errors:

libavcodec/libfaac.c:142: undefined reference to `faacEncClose'
libavcodec/libfaac.o: In function `Faac_encode_frame':
libavcodec/libfaac.c:126: undefined reference to `faacEncEncode'
libavcodec/libfaac.o: In function `Faac_encode_init':
libavcodec/libfaac.c:44: undefined reference to `faacEncOpen'
libavcodec/libfaac.c:49: undefined reference to
libavcodec/libfaac.c:73: undefined reference to `faacEncClose'
libavcodec/libfaac.c:112: undefined reference to `faacEncSetConfiguration'
libavcodec/libfaac.c:100: undefined reference to
libavcodec/libfaac.c:52: undefined reference to `faacEncClose'
libavcodec/libfaad.o: In function `faac_decode_init':
libavcodec/libfaad.c:249: undefined reference to `faacDecOpen'
libavcodec/libfaad.c:250: undefined reference to `faacDecClose'
libavcodec/libfaad.c:251: undefined reference to
libavcodec/libfaad.c:252: undefined reference to `faacDecSetConfiguration'
libavcodec/libfaad.c:253: undefined reference to `faacDecInit'
libavcodec/libfaad.c:254: undefined reference to `faacDecInit2'
libavcodec/libfaad.c:255: undefined reference to `faacDecDecode'
libavcodec/libfaad.c:271: undefined reference to `faacDecOpen)

What fixed it was adding #define WIN32 before the #include statements for
the faac and faad headers, like this:

 * @file libfaac.c
 * Interface to libfaac for aac encoding.

#include "avcodec.h"
#define WIN32            // this had to be added
#include <faac.h>

and this:

 * @file faad.c
 * AAC decoder.
 * still a bit unfinished - but it plays something

#include "avcodec.h"
#define WIN32            // this had to be added
#include "faad.h"

and the problem seemed to be around here:

// in faac.h
#ifdef WIN32
# ifndef FAACAPI
#  define FAACAPI __stdcall
# endif
# ifndef FAACAPI
#  define FAACAPI
# endif


// in faad.h
#ifdef WIN32
  #pragma pack(push, 8)
  #ifndef FAADAPI
    #define FAADAPI __stdcall
  #ifndef FAADAPI
    #define FAADAPI

IMO, FAACAPI and FAADAPI were declared wrong otherwise, and it couldn't
recognize the functions because of the calling convention. I have a six
months old revision from 03/24/2008, and it compiles with the same
msys/mingw environment and flags, so the problem was introduced somewhere
between those revisions.

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