[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Generic part of frame multithreading

Alexander Strange astrange
Wed Aug 20 17:07:16 CEST 2008

On Aug 19, 2008, at 10:55 PM, Alexander Strange wrote:

> This patch adds the new API and generic implementation for frame  
> multithreading. It doesn't cause any behavior changes, since it's  
> just more functions with no users yet.
> Some issues:
> - Some clients can't handle the extra decoder delay right, so I  
> attached another patch that disables it by default. I don't know  
> whether it's a good idea since we won't know when it's safe to to  
> make it default again.

Specifically, it adds one more frame delay for every new thread.  
mplayer counts frame delay using avctx->has_b_frames, which works for  
h264 and doesn't work with this. ffplay counts delay by adding pts to  
frames in get_buffer, which works with this but might not work with  
h264, because of the frame num gap code. I thought about making avctx- 
 >delay accurate for decoding too, which should solve all this.

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