[FFmpeg-devel] Encoding to DV-NTSC

Heiner, Aaron J Aaron.Heiner
Tue Aug 19 00:49:26 CEST 2008

I have a non-linear program that only imports DV-AVI[NTSC] files.  I
have been encoding several files to AVI from various different formats
(mpg, wmv, mov, etc).  The problem is that the non-linear system can't
recognize the files.  The tech support for the software says that I need
to put it into Windows Movie Maker and then save it to DV-AVI.  Well,
Windows Movie Maker won't read the file because it says I am missing a
codec and Windows Media Player will not play the file either.  Can
anyone help me get ffmpet to encode from any format to DV25 files?



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