[FFmpeg-devel] manual translated to portuguese

flavio qazav3.0
Mon Aug 18 18:07:47 CEST 2008

 Don't worry. In case the translation can't get official or distributed
within the software, the link could be a good option. I could then check
every now and them for updates and change the pt_BR file. If there is a
system of telling when there has been an update, we may eventually test if I
can keep up with it and, when you're ready, we merge.

 I am, however, skeptic of a team of translators because here in Brazil we
have many people that use free-software, one or two that will do hard work
that is not related to coding (those that do coding won't do anything
related to multimedia here). To mention one case, once we gathered a group
to check for Cinelerra's whole deal of licenses, to see if it could make to
Ubuntu Studio's oficial release. I had to manually check 95% of them because
people simply wouldn't take their time to do so. It took me many days and I
also lost a lot of time waiting for some people to do their parts until I
finally gave up and did them myself. I am the only guy who actually keeps
Cinelerra's more-than-200-page manual updated, of all the many translations,
and I do it alone. It would be nice to share it, but there simply isn't any
one interested in doing so...

About top posting, sorry. I didn't even know what it was until you mentioned
it (had to do a google search). The idea of mentioning previous parts was
one of being practical as to what point of the conversation I was referring
to, so I apologize if it was taken as being of any other intent.

rock on,

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