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Diego Biurrun diego
Mon Aug 18 09:30:10 CEST 2008

I thought I'd forward this in case anybody is interested in attending...

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Subject: [foms] FOMS 2009 CFP deadline extension

Hi all,

FOMS 2009 is approaching - have you thought about attending?

We want to get a varied mix of people there, from all across the open
media software space and would be particularly keen to have people
attend from the ffmpeg, gstreamer, vlc, and xine communities. So far
we have registrations from Mozilla, Xiph, BBC, ALSA and user
communities - 15 people already.

Key topics this year are:
    * open audio & video codecs
    * open audio & media frameworks
    * audio infrastructure
    * web video (HTML5 audio/video) and crossover with open source
    * mobile video
    * open audio & video applications
    * open metadata
    * open media standards

As in previous years, we have financial sponsorship for a few
developers, none of which have been distributed yet, so think about an
awesome trip into the summer of January 2008 to Hobart, Tasmania (yes,
it's summer there in January)!

We've just extended the submission deadline for indicating your
interest in a travel sponsorship to 31st August. Just email
foms-committee at lists.annodex.net.

Go for it!

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