[FFmpeg-devel] [Hardware Accelerator for Video and Audio]

Goga777 goga777
Sat Aug 16 09:16:57 CEST 2008

do you mean this card from Asus ?

ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 ? The Essential Home Theater PC Card

> >From :  Andreas Setterlind (a.k.a. Gamester17)
> >What video decoding processes exactly will it be able to accelerate
> effectively?
> >- Motion compensation (mocomp)?
> >- Inverse discrete cosine transform (iDCT)?
> >- Inverse modified discrete cosine transform (iMDCT)?
> >- In-loop deblocking filter?
> >- Intra-frame prediction?
> >- Inverse quantization (IQ)?
> >- Variable-Length Decoding (VLD)?
> >- Spatial-temporal deinterlacing?
> >- Bitstream processing (CAVLC and/or CABAC)?
> We will provide all features you mentioned.
> if you need more, please tell us and discuss with us.
> Right now,  we have already define the following features.
> These features will be helpful to decode and encode  MPEGI MPEGII MPEGIV
> H.264, H.263+ ,  VC1, RM9.
>  1. Transform/inverse Transform
>  2. VLD/VLC
>  3. Q/IQ
>  4. Compensation : Intra-Pred / Motion Compensation
>  5.  Estimation
>  6. Deblocking Filter
>  7. CABAC
>  8. Bitstream processing : such as start code finding
>  9. Deinterlacing
> as to audio,  we don't define it right now. you can provide your opinions
> such as iMDCT. That would be great.
> FYI ..
> > will ASUSTek provide some free hardware samples of this hardware
> accelerator (in a > >PCI/PCIe card form-factor?) to any volunteering FFmpeg
> developer?, and if so
>    Yes, we will provide hardware for free with NDA. But the number of
> prototype  is limited.
>     Before that, we might provide a software simulator, it is still under
> discussion.
>     In first stage, it might not be PCI/PCIe interface.
> >would it then be best for a FFmpeg team-member to collect the shipping
> >addresses of those volunteers and send them to you in a private
> >e-mail?, and/or will it be simpler for you to send a bunch of cards to
>   After we have prototype, we will announce how to get it. In this stage, we
> need
>   each expert's opinions to define what you expect and want to accelerate.
> >one FFmpeg team-member who volunteer to distribute within the FFmpeg
> >team?
>     I can give you my company email first.
> >Also, how detailed documentation will you be able to provide for
> >those developers with and without a NDA (some might be willing to sign
> >a NDA, others may not but would still be willing to work on the
> >development of it)?
>   We hope all APIs belong to open source. Therefore, there is no NDA in this
> stage.
>   With NDA,  the detailed documentation about the commands of the
> accelerator  and the prototype would be released after the prototype  is
> built.  Before delivering  the prototypes,  we will mark milestones for this
> project.
>    Through the discussions on APIs,  we will understand what you want and
> what we want.
>  It is not a small project,  it needs  a group to work it out.
>   If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
>   Anything is able to be discussed.
>  Thank for your help.
> BR,
>    Ken

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