[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] support for ordered chapters/segment linking in Matroska

John B jbfaad
Sun Aug 10 16:55:20 CEST 2008

Sorry for thread-breaking. Some opinions in this patch: it seems to
differ a bit from the "de-facto" behavior of Haali Media Splitter (the
only existing implementation). I think it'd be desirable to play along
the same way, specially considering this makes things much simpler
implementation-wise and I think mostly addresses Michael's comments.

In Haali, to accept a segment, TrackType and CodecID must match
exactly, for all tracks, in the same order. Everything else is fair
game. The values from the "master" segment are used and the ones from
the linked segments discarded. This includes CodecPrivate,
TrackVideo's childern, TrackAudio's children, etc...

Needless to say, the demuxer doesn't handle the case of changing
stream parameters: it just passes the frames to the decoder, and
doesn't care for anything else. IMHO this is sufficient and even

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