[FFmpeg-devel] Outline for text in imlib2 vhook?

Tommi Raita-aho tra
Wed Aug 6 21:41:52 CEST 2008

V?ctor Paesa writes:
> I imagine (not tested) that you can manipulate a TTF font with FontForge,
> making it a bit thicker, and draw the text twice in the same position,
> once with the thicker font in let's say black, and later with the normal
> one in white.

Good idea, should work. However I have not tested either because
somehow I could not get fontforge to generate new ttf-fonts (I get only
segfault when try to convert new manipulated font, my fontforge is
fontforge-20070511-2.fc8 by yum). I can also do something wrong I have
newer used that software before.

But I tried to draw text twice first black and then white with little
x/y offset. Much better results than pure white over light
background.Thanks for the good tip! I think I can live with it now
without actual outline with texts. 

Thanks and Best Regards, 
Tommi, tra at iki.fi

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