[FFmpeg-devel] h.264 roundup issue 427

Paul Kendall paul
Wed Aug 6 11:31:10 CEST 2008

I wanted to let you know I have uploaded a sample for this issue to the ftp 
site and done an analysis of the problem which I have entered in the issue.

I could not get a segfault with ffmpeg, but it is totally reproducible in 
mythtv. What I have done is created a patch (on the ftp site in the text file 
description) which logs when the segfault would occur. 

The fix mentioned in the ticket also fixes the problem for me in mythtv.

I hope that my analysis of the problem is enough information to get the 
problem looked at. And either the fix supplied, or a proper one committed to 

If any more information is needed, I'm only too happy to help.


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