[FFmpeg-devel] Outline for text in imlib2 vhook?

Tommi Raita-aho tra
Tue Aug 5 17:50:43 CEST 2008


Has anybody done any patch to imlib2 vhook to implement similar
outline for text like -o option does with drawtext vhook?

I know that video hooks are deprecated but right now I only want to do
some scrolling/fading texts to videos, I do not want re-implement all
shell-scripts for that.

I looked at the code from both drawtext.c and imlib2.c but I'm afraid
my skills with C are so poor I can not do the needed modifications. 
But -o option with very cool imlib2 vhook (I have used with many of my
shell-scripts) would be great! Very often without outline texts are
quite hard to read when color of real video can be quite same as text.

Best Regards, 
Tommi, tra at iki.fi

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