[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Add SAMPLE_FMT_S24 audioconverter

madshi dear
Mon Aug 4 17:24:24 CEST 2008

Ian Caulfield schrieb:
> 2008/8/4 madshi <dear at madshi.net>
>> Michael Niedermayer schrieb:
>>  > Iam against this patch.
>>  > The code that stores 24bit PCM in int32_t should shift it
>>  > left appropriately so it is SAMPLE_FMT_S32.
>> But in that case the information that the audio data is only
>> 24bit and not 32bit is lost, isn't it? Sometimes it's useful
>> to know that only 24bit of the audio information are filled
>> with useful data.
> There is a field in the codec context indicating the number of bits
> per sample - I think the MLP decoder is the only audio decoder that
> uses it though. The advantage of this field is that it can indicate
> e.g. 18- or 20-bit audio, not just 8,16, 24, 32.
> Ian

Thanks, Ian. Wasn't aware of that field...


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