[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] lavc/ffmpeg sample_fmt implementation

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Sun Aug 3 20:35:08 CEST 2008


pross at xvid.org wrote:
>>>> [...]
>>>>>  int av_audio_convert(void *maybe_dspcontext_or_something_av_convert_specific,
>>>>>                       void *out[6], int out_stride[6], enum SampleFormat out_fmt,
>>>>>                       void * in[6], int  in_stride[6], enum SampleFormat  in_fmt, int len){
>>>>>      int ch;
>>>>> +//FIXME: size calculation will break when SAMPLE_FMT_DBL is added...
>>>> double, hmm
>>>> i wouldnt waste time with that ...
>>> Consider it already wasted!
>> Did you already implement float64/double ?
>> Im adding support for fl32/64 little and big endian in .mov.
> Yes, but that was before I got my hands dirty with sample_fmt.
> (See attachments.)
> I would prefer to hold-off on adding extra CODEC_PCM_Fxxxx's
> until pcm.c is cleaned up. Expect to see a flurry of PCM-related
> patches over the next days.

Ok, great, besides all parts dealing with aiff.c, mov.c and isom.c are
ok, you can commit as soon as it works. Many thanks for the good work.


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