[FFmpeg-devel] manual translated to portuguese

flavio qazav3.0
Fri Aug 1 00:06:32 CEST 2008

Hi there, just coming to the list, first post here =)

I've just finished updating the ffmpeg manual translation to brazilian
portuguese. I write because I had done a translation previously, but now I'd
like to make it official, so that it may be updated more often and also go
together with ffmpeg in the releases.

I've checked the documentation for ffserver, ffplay and faq in the svn and
they are not enormous, so I guess it won't take long for me to translate
them also.

My questions then are:

How can we do this? Who can I send the .texi file to (and in which encoding,
utf-8, iso...)? Is there a very easy way that I may know there is any update
to the manual (a rss or mail advice rather than having to check the site)?

As an additional info, as I posted on the user's list, I have done quite a
few translations, but the one I do mantain and update frequently is
Cinelerra's gigantic manual. You can take a look here, in my site, in any
case: http://szaszak.wordpress.com/linux/ (ffmpeg here is in the old
version, because I couldn't manage how to transform the texi file I used to
translate into a PDF that would accept the portuguese characters - any help
here would be immensely welcome. I also plan to have an online-browseable
version of it in this site when this is fixed,similar to the one you have at
ffmpeg's site).

thanks for the help,
rock on,

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