[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] pthread detection on mingw + static pthread

Ramiro Polla ramiro
Fri Apr 25 00:08:32 CEST 2008


 >> where needed -> mingw
 > Why?

I haven't found out yet. It's not the usual stdcall vs. cdecl issue that 
normally makes us use require2 instead of require. I'm still investigating.


 >>> This is better than the original patch, but I'm not entirely happy
 >>> with it.  Why can't the static pthread library do this in
 >>> pthread_create() instead?
 >> just curious but can I ask you the difference with mine?

My patch moves the code away from ffmpeg.c into pthreads.c. It's more 
related to what the code actually does, and keeps ffmpeg.c cleaner.


 >> the home page:
 >> http://sourceware.org/pthreads-win32/
 >> you can ask directly to authors,

Already asked[0]. I got an off-list reply from Ross Johnson, so I asked 
him to bring it back to the list.

 >> but I doubt
 >> there is a better way to do this

I can think of many better ways...

 > Of course there's a better way.  Have the library entry points do the
 > necessary setup the first time one of them is called.  Feel free to
 > suggest this to the authors.

 > I'm not going to waste my time.

But you love wasting your time flaming these e-mails...

Ramiro Polla
[0] http://sourceware.org/ml/pthreads-win32/2008/msg00019.html

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