[FFmpeg-devel] qt-faststart.c possibly implement in a format?

Tobias Brockamp tobiasbrockamp
Thu Apr 24 17:06:46 CEST 2008

Am 24.04.2008 um 16:23 schrieb Baptiste Coudurier:

> Hi,
> Tobias Brockamp wrote:
>> Hi devels,
>> i'm using ffmpeg for mp4/h264 video for portables and now also for
>> flash player, i've read that for
>> progressive download of mp4's in Flash Player the moov data has to be
>> at the beginning of
>> the mp4 container.
>> In the ffmpeg tools there is the qt-faststart.c program which does  
>> the
>> trick
>> but i'm asking myself if it wouldn't be nice to have this build in in
>> a "format specification" like
>> "-f ipod" for the uuid atom thing.
> I suppose yes.
> Calculate worst case "moov" atom size when encoding a reasonably high
> duration, if this size is reasonable, when using a flag in
> AVFormatContext, write an empty "free" atom, and rewrite header in  
> this
> atom at the end, beware to change code to compute offsets of samples.

sorry i am not a ffmpeg-devel myself so it's hard for me to understand  
what you're
talking about.

but is this a feature for newer ffmpeg releases?

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