[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] simplify crop/pad handling in ffmpeg.c

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Wed Apr 16 14:13:24 CEST 2008


Herv? wrote:
>> Sorry; maybe I am missing something, but I see this check removed  
>> from here
>> and not re-introduced in other places... Do we support cropping and  
>> padding
>> with non-multiple-of-2 quantities?
> the idea of this patch (not from me but from a guy from pixar, sent in  
> the list a long time ago) was to permit an odd value for pad and crop.

So, padding and/or cropping with odd values is supported? If yes, then
the patch looks ok... But the patch description is not ok: the patch is
not simplifying the code, but removing wrong checks (assuming that
odd pad/crop values are ok).

> PS: I don't remember exactly what was the pb and how to reproduce it,  
> but if I well remeber, this patch have a pb with chroma and interlaced  
> streams (bad resample, no "swap"/reinterlacing of the chroma channel)
> eg: file has an even height, if you -padbottom 1 and -padtop 1 => no  
> good chroma resample
> another bug with this patch:  file has an even height, if you - 
> cropbottom 1 and -padbottom 1 => no change (no pad, no crop)

This seems to indicate that padding/cropping with odd values is not
well supported... :)


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