[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Non-recursive makefiles

Dave Yeo daveryeo
Fri Apr 11 16:53:28 CEST 2008

On 04/11/08 01:35 am, M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
>> I used make 3.79 in the past and only with 3.79 I can build FFmpeg by
>> manually building the libs and then building FFmpeg afterwards. This
>> works as a workaround.
> 3.79 is *very* old.  I have made no attempt to support anything older
> than 3.81.  I haven't knowingly used any new features either, but I
> only looked at the latest manual.
>> With make 3.81-20080326, make is starting the build, but I get several
>> errors 'missing binary operator before token "("'.
>> Make 3.81-2 behaves different, but build still doesn't work (I'm
>> writing this on a different location, so I don't have the details,
>> will send them later today).
> I'll need much more details.  Please send your config.err, config.mak,
> and full stdout/stderr output from running make.
>> I'm willing to test this thorougly and report results. If you (or
>> anybody of the FFmpeg developers) think that this is a user thread
>> (because we are talking about building FFmpeg), please feel free to
>> tell me and I will change over to ffmpeg-user. I think because a
>> chnage in the makefile/configure script broke FFmpeg build (at least
>> on Mingw on my system) there might be an issue in the configure
>> script.
> This is the right place.
>> For the records: With make 3.79 building separately works. This isn't
>> possible with make 3.81-2 nor latest 3.81-20080326.
> make 3.81 as installed by Gentoo works perfectly fine.  Do you have
> any windows-style (c:/path/to/file) filenames mentioned?  Some
> versions of make seem to cope with these, others not.

For the record here make reports itself as 3.81rc1. I have tested with 
prefix set to /usr/local and "r:/tmp/ffmpeg test". The readme.os2 file 
does mention lots of backslash handling changes in 3.81.
I also have various makes going back to 3.71 here if you'd like any 
other testing.

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