[FFmpeg-devel] RFC: setting format parameters from the URL

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Thu Apr 10 21:51:59 CEST 2008

Le duodi 22 germinal, an CCXVI, Michael Niedermayer a ?crit?:
> The point is that the mess results from ffmpeg.c design, not from AVOption
> and would not be less if another system was used. Actually i do not even know
> how your system could do what AVOption does.

For all this, see my soon-to-come answer to Uoti, which understood me

> Well it will likely surprise you but we really do not support these options
> through AVOption prior to opening the file currently. We are missing a 5 line
> change (mostly removing stuff from the deprecated AVFormatParameters).

I was not aware that AVFormatParameters was deprecated.

(Unfortunately, I fear that moving this particular feature (setting the -s
option with AVOption) will require more work than a 5-line change.)

But my last mail goes exactly in that direction, since the proposal in my
last mail was to extend AVOption with the features it currently lacks, which
you tell me is already work in progress, and then implement the argument
parsing on top of AVOption.

> AVOptions allows you to read and write parameters from structures,
> your system does not.
> AVOptions allows you to list/enumerate available options, your system
> does not.
> AVOptions provide max/min/default/helptext for each option, your system
> does not.
> Your system is passing an opaque string. How should a GUI support that?

My system does not aim to replace AVOption, but to wrap it in a simpler API
(just a string) for the programs that do not need all the might and power of
AVOption. Again, see my answer to Uoti for more details.


  Nicolas George
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