[FFmpeg-devel] DaVinci DSP optimizations

Vladimir Pantelic pan
Thu Apr 3 11:19:10 CEST 2008

Ramiro Polla wrote:
>> > This is a white paper about the Codec Engine interface TI supplies, and
>> > that I would use as a basis in dsputils to manage the load on different
>> > DSPs:
>> > http://focus.ti.com/lit/wp/spry091/spry091.pdf
>> You are aware that CE is not "free"?
> Yes, I am. But that doesn't seem to be anything non-free about that
> white paper. I didn't sign anything to obtain it and there is no
> confidentiality clause. Or am I supposed to forget I read it? =)

No, of course not. I was just wondering how you would "use" CE after reading the
white paper :-)



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