[FFmpeg-devel] DaVinci DSP optimizations

Vladimir Pantelic pan
Wed Apr 2 12:23:40 CEST 2008

Ramiro Polla wrote:

> ----------
> JB: There is no free compiler for the c64x DSP, although there are a number
> JB: of efforts to create one.  Your best bet is to try to get a loaner copy
> JB: of the developer tools from TI.  We have arranged some of these and can
> JB: probably help if you are selected.  You say DSP optimizations for which
> JB: codec?
> The problem is, the optimized code Ramiro will produce will be
> compilable only with these loaner versions of the compiler, and
> "normal" people can't use these, so they can't compile it.
> Thus getting that code in ffmpeg source feels pretty weird to me.
> Or is this not a concern ?
> One alternative may be lobby TI to release some stripped
> open-source-only version of that compiler, that can be freely used by
> OSS projects only.
> Just like they did with the c54x compiler.

I understood TI that they are in the process of doing that, but this process is
slooooow, looking at how long it took them for the C54x.

> This is a white paper about the Codec Engine interface TI supplies, and
> that I would use as a basis in dsputils to manage the load on different
> DSPs:
> http://focus.ti.com/lit/wp/spry091/spry091.pdf

You are aware that CE is not "free"?

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