[FFmpeg-devel] GPL licence break (MovieGate)

Diego Biurrun diego
Wed Apr 2 09:34:09 CEST 2008

On Tue, Apr 01, 2008 at 10:00:23PM +0200, Christophe Ducommun wrote:
> > Please don't top-post, like I asked you.  If you don't know what
> > top-posting is, Google will explain it to you with the first hit.
> OK, I will never do that !


> >> It doesn't matter if you made changes or not.  You have to give your
> > users access to the complete source code you used. Just make a
> > tarball or zip file or whatever and put it up for download alongside
> > your program. That will be enough for us.
> I will add a download link to the source code of ffmpeg used in my  
> software in the credit page added to the web site.


> I have read in the GPL, that the source code must be available but
> doesn't need to be distributed with the application. For me it save
> some bandwidth for the download, and user can have access to the
> source code from the web site of my application.

Yes, you don't have to distribute it all in one package.  For us, it is
enough if you add a download link for the source alongside the download
link for your program.

You also have to publish a version of the GPL along with the source.

> >> When will you be releasing that version?
> I need one week or two because I work on my software the evening  
> during my free time.
> I need to finalize some fix in my code, modify the install to add the  
> credits and the application to add also the credits.

Let me know when you have it all sorted out, then I will close the issue
on our issue tracker.

> >> And what's keeping you from changing your website now?
> I have actually added a Credit page accessible from the main page.
> But actually I need to add the source code, I don't have finished the
> work. I hope to finish tomorrow.

Are you referring to this page?


Please fix the spelling of FFmpeg and MPlayer and note that the homepage
of FFmpeg is



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