[FFmpeg-devel] snow developement

mkhodor6 at yahoo.com mkhodor6
Sat May 26 00:21:32 CEST 2007

> I'd like to spent some (hundrets) euros for a snow 1.0 specification
> (and a working implementation). Maybe it will be possible to store
> it in a matroska container?

Haali media splitter claims to handle Snow in Matroska.  I don't know
of any samples though.

> How is the dirac codec compared to snow in quality?
> Are there limitations for resolution and/or color depth or others
> with dirac or snow?

Although the Dirac spec was written to handle higher bit depths, the
current reference implementation is limited to 8-bit.  See comments
from one of the developers here:

Also, there is currently no spec for Dirac in Matroska.

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